A New Fallout game has been Announced

This announcement by Bethesda Studios has many people excited about the new Fallout 5 game. It has many people speculating about what the new setting will be for Fallout 5, what the story is going to be about, and the things that will be in the game. Many people are hoping that the setting for Fallout 5 will be taking place in New Orleans. Todd Howard the director of Bethesda Game Studios said We have been working on fallout 5 for quite sometime now during the E3 press conference. This is when social media exploded with excitement. The last fallout game Fallout 4 was release on November 10, 2015 and many players had mix reaction when they played. Fallout New Vegas was a game that many players love and they hope it is either as good as Fallout New Vegas or better.

Will Fallout 5 be Good?

As many people are excited about Fallout 5 many people are also worried. They are worried about the game being a horrible game and that Bethesda only wants the money. Some people think that they will ruin fallout 5 since they made so many fallout games. James someone who was at the E3 press conference said Bethesda will ran out of ideas and start repeating what they did in the older Fallout games. If they ever make a fallout 6 but Fallout 5 was bad many people will not be as excited as before and many people will not purchase the next fallout game. Bethesda Studios knows how well their fallout games do. All that the fans of the fallout franchise can do is hope that Bethesda doesn't ruin the next game.

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